There are many places to go to Lancaster County to pass time. I have a few favorites which I will share with you!  The area in Lancaster has a few things people come for: Most people come to see the Amish, to shop etc…

1. Strasburg Railroad

They have something here which is wonderful! It’s called the Santa Paradise Express. They take you on a train ride where Santa comes aboard and visits with families as the train travels from Strasburg to Paradise, Pa and back. I took this train ride a few years back when my children were younger and it was great!  The tickets range from $13 to $32 . There are different dates and prices for the different coaches. Here is the link to their site for more information.

2. Hershey Park

Hershey is always a great place to go any time of the year! I usually like to go once in the summertime and then at Christmas time for Candylane….. It decorated so nice at Christmas. Included in the prices of your ticket are holiday rides, festive lights and entertainment, and Santa and the reindeer. The prices of tickets are as follow: age three and under free and 3 and over is $21 for one-day admission.

Also, they have Hershey Sweet Lights, which is a 2-mile drive through wooded trails. This is a great spectacle of lights. The cost for this is $21 for a carload from Monday through Thursday. The weekend price is $ 26.15.   Here is the link for their site so you can check it out in more detail …..

3. Roots Country Market

This farmers market has a flea market across the street. They have many vendors at the farmers market selling, fruits, vegetables, meat, and cheeses. They are have other vendors that sell crafts and other new merchandise.  One of the main draw here for outsiders is that they have many, many stands with Amish people selling their baked goods, canned items etc… Here is a link to check it out further

4. Long’s Park

Longs Park is a beautiful park with lots of events. Check it out next time you are in Lancaster County


5.  Amish Country

There are many Amish farmers all through Lancaster County if you travel through the main road you will see many areas to stop and explore!


Lancaster County is the area I live in and these are some of the places I enjoy. What places do you enjoy in your neighborhood or in Lancaster County? Let’s have a chat…. Please comment below so we can have a nice conversation. 

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Please share with your family and friends.  Till next time ……. Ciao Lisa