This world is filled with many traditions at Christmas. I am Italian and my Mom was born in Italy. There are many Christmas traditions that she passed down during the Christmas holiday.

Italians  believe Christmas Eve is “The night of the Seven Fishes.” It is an abstinence of red meat until the day of Christmas, it’s a fasting day.  There are many theories were the seven fishes come from. Seven is mentioned a lot in the bible,  but my personal experience comes from my grandmother, Nonna Giulia. She always told me that the seven was due to the seven sacraments. As I am Italian and Roman Catholic that goes along with our beliefs.  Some also believe it’s the seven hills surrounding Rome but anyone of those theories is correct. Everyone has their own beliefs.


In my family this is what the meal consisted of: We start first with linguine with red clam sauce. Then comes the many dishes of seafood: fried bacala, smelts, lobster, shrimp, calamari and filet of fish. The desserts vary depending on who is cooking. But my mother would always make all sorts of Christmas cookies, cheesecake, and cannoli.

Please comment below with your traditions! What are your go-to traditions? Please start a conversation with me I would like to know your opinion. Please share with your family and friends.

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