vacation-moneyBeing self-employed for the last ten years or so  I have learned about different money streams to make quick cash in a flash.  Some of the things I am going to mention you might have heard of before but I have gotten paid by all of these money streams so I know they are legitimate.

Survey Sites

  1. Send Earnings – There are many tasks on this site to do. You can do surveys, watch videos and sign up for paid emails.                     
  2. My Points -This is a site you can buy items through and earn points. You can also take surveys, and watch videos.                                      
  3. Swagbucks – This is a website where you can take surveys, do tasks and watch videos. You can also earn money shopping through this website too!
  4. Cashcrate –  Another site where you can take surveys to earn money.
  5. Survey Junkie – Take surveys to make extra money.                   
  6. Branded Surveys

Testing Websites

  1. User Testing:
  2. Try My UI:
  3. User Feel:
  4. What Users Do:

Task Jobs

  1. Mturk:
  2. Fiverr:
  3. Task Rabbit:

Selling your items

  1. eBay –  You can sell lots of different used items including clothing.
  2. Amazon –  Selling various items, but no used clothing.               
  3. Craigslist – You can pretty much sell anything here within reason.
  4. Etsy –  This is a place to sell all your handcrafted items.                             Here is my Etsy site for you to check out—-
  5.  Poshmark – Great site to sell high end used clothing                  Use the name of my shop to get some free money to shop with just type in “GRAYSTONESHOP”


Do you need extra money for a vacation, new clothing, new furniture or just to go on a shopping spree?  Let’s have a conversation and chat about what your ways for making extra cash for your shopping outings? I’d love to hear all about it!

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