What to Expect in 2019


This is my second year blogging but I thought I would discuss my plan with this blog.  I am going to be blogging here on this written blog and also be doing other things.

This is What I’ll Be Doing in 2019:

Focus on Written Content:

I will be posting written blog posts here on Friday’s.  The topics I write on will vary depending on the month, what I’m doing and what my family is up to. My passions are travel, autism awareness and everyday life.

Focus on Video Content:

I have a YouTube Channel that I will be working on.  I’m going to try to post on YouTube on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. I live a simple life so most of the content will be surrounding my life and that of my family’s. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel: YouTube

What will you be doing in 2019? Let’s have a conversation and chat about it. I’d love to hear about it all.

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa