Volunteering | 2019

Volunteering 2019

There are a lot of places to volunteer,  I have a few favorite organizations I like to volunteer when I have the time.

  1.  Special Olympics
  2.  Autism Society
  3.  Local Food Bank
  4.  Habitat for Humanity
  5.  National Parks
  6.  Pet Shelters
  7.  Local Libraries
  8.  Local school to help in Kindergarten class
  9.  Retirement Homes
  10.  Art Museum

Volunteering doesn’t take any special skill and it is always welcomed. I like to volunteer where I think they might need the most help. I tend to volunteer to help the disabled and the underprivileged. Where ever you go volunteering to help your neighbor is always a good thing.

Where have you volunteered in the past? Do you volunteer on a regular basis?  Let’s have a conversation and chat about where you prefer to volunteer? I’d love to hear about it all.

Please share with your family and friends.

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa





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