This is one of the places on my bucket list. I think this resort is just a great place to go visit. Someday this will be a vacation of mine in the month of February. I think when I do go to stay I would stay at the Beach Resort.  It has a great view of the water and it seems so relaxing. I can’t wait to go visit this area and travel to the Bahamas and see the sites.

The Beach guest rooms have either a water view or a terrace view.  Included in the room are the water slides, pools, extraordinary lagoons, beaches, and river rides. The resort also has wifi, a fitness center, movie theater and a shuttle between towers. The guest room features a king or queen bed, flat screen TV, and a digital safe.

What a great relaxing, luxurious vacation this could be!!


Where would you go on your dream vacation? Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa?  Let’s have a conversation and chat about where you would go? I’d love to hear about it all.

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