One of my goals this year is to eat better this year. I have been thinking about different breakfast ideas. I am going to start with eating a completely healthy breakfast most days.  These breakfast ideas might not be all low calorie but healthy eating.  I think a Mediterranean style meal plan is one of the healthiest ways to eat. Here are some of my ideas for breakfast. Some of my ideas are quick on the run breakfasts and some are more traditional.

Option 1

Cereal or oatmeal, a cup of grapes, string cheese

Option 2

Smoothie, string cheese

Option 3

Fage Yogurt with chopped walnuts and Luna bar

Option 4

Chobani yogurt drink, banana, string cheese with prosciutto

Option 5

Scrambled eggs, peppers, and onion with one piece of toast

Option 6

3 pancakes and a cup of strawberries

Option 7

Bagel with cream cheese and a cup of grapes

I will be thinking of some good healthy lunch items to add also. I will post next month about some healthy lunch items if you are interested. I’m really trying to change my eating habits so that I can eat healthier.

Do you have any healthy breakfasts that you are going to try to get into your routine this year?  I am always open to new ideas for breakfast please share in the comment section below or follow me on social media and comment.   I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa