Healthy Eating | Lunch Ideas

One of my goals this year is to eat better this year. I have been thinking about different ideas for lunch. If it gets boring I always end up eating the wrong things so I am going to try to have a variety.  I think a Mediterranean style meal plan is one of the healthiest ways to eat. Here are some of my ideas for lunch.


Option 1

Chicken Pot Pie, 10 grape tomatoes

Option 2

Turkey, avocado, and tomato on wheat bread with mayo and mozzarella cheese. 1 cup of grapes or cherries. I eat cherries in summer or maybe strawberries and grapes in the winter time.

Option 3

Whole wheat pita with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and mozzarella cheese. 1 cup of cherries, berries or grapes.

Option 4

Grilled chicken, 15 grape tomatoes, peaches dipped in vanilla yogurt.

Option 5

Spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, chicken or a hard-boiled egg and feta cheese.

Option 6

Subway 6 inch sub on whole wheat with baked chips and diet soda or water.

Option 7

Tuna salad with mayo, chopped peppers, and onions on whole wheat bread. 1 apple.

Do you eat a healthy lunch?   A lot of times I’m so tempted just to go fast food, how about you?  Do you have any healthy ideas for lunch? Please post below I am always looking for new ideas! 

Please share with your family and friends.

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa

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