Cape May, New Jersey is one of those destinations that is a relaxation destination. With the beach at your doorstep and many restaurants and interesting things to see in Cape May you will have a wonderful week!!

  1.  Hotel or Bed and Breakfast?

Definitely bed and breakfast and the perfect one that I prefer is the Queen Victoria B & B on  Ocean street in Cape May. I think it is one of the prettiest from the outside.  One block from the beach located in historic Cape May.


so now you have the location for your stay now we have to select some of the best restaurants in Cape May. Well, there are a ton of best restaurants but I will tell you my favorites.

2.   Where to eat? 

Washington Inn – this is one of the best in fine dining which is located on Washington Street in Cape May. This is one you cannot go home without visiting.


The next place I would recommend is the Mad Batter for breakfast or lunch. You won’t be disappointed.



The Mad Batter is located on Jackson Street in Cape May

Another favorite of mine is the Lobster House in Cape May – It sits there as you enter Cape May on the water. It is a family favorite of mine.

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This restaurant has the best seafood around.

Want a good Pancake breakfast walk on over to Mr. Bills Pancake house right on the Beach Avenue.

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3. Things to do?

Now for me, the beach is enough as far as things to do but there are other things if you have to actually do something!

Some of my favorite things in Cape May are going to the Cape May Lighthouse, Cape May Point to see the sunken concrete ship or the bird sanctuary.  There are tons to do around Cape May if you wish to travel outside of Cape May there is the Wildwood Boardwalk or even north to Atlantic City!

Here are some books on the area that might interest you:

What is your favorite Beach? Is it in north, south, east or west coast? Let’s have a discussion about it.

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa