Vermont is a nice place to visit. When I went to Vermont I had never been before. These are the places I visited and what I saw and where I went.

Day 1

  • Drive up to Vermont
  • First, stop visit  Bragg Sugar Farm. Go on the farm tour and then visit the gift shop.
  • Ben & Jerrys Factory in Waterbury was my next stop

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  • Stay at Motel 6 in Burlington.

Day 2

  • Visit Church Street Markethouse and have breakfast there
  • Then  I made my way offer to Shelburne Farms. Go on the property and horse barn tour.

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  • Back to hotel in Burlington

Day 3

  • Drive back home and enjoy the scenic drive.

What are your favorite places to go for a weekend trip?  Is it in north, south, east or west coast? Let’s have a discussion about it.


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