Walt Disney World is such a magical place but it can be very expensive so having a plan before you get there is a good idea. You don’t have to have every minute scheduled but it is a good idea to plan the things that you must do or want to do. Then if you get to experience other things it’s a plus. The other thing that should be planned are restaurants and/or fast passes if there are certain rides you want to ride this trip make sure you get a FastPass. When should I have my meals? Breakfast should be at 7am or 10am to avoid the crowds, Lunch should be around 2/3pm, and Dinner around 6:30/7pm.

This is my itinerary for my next trip!

Sunday – Day 1 — Arrival Day

After I arrive in Florida by noon I want to go explore the Swan and the Dolphin Hotel (EPCOT), and the Beach Club (EPCOT). I would like to go exploring these resorts. If I arrive early enough  I want to have lunch at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.  If I arrive later in the afternoon I would get ice cream or milkshake at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. 

Then I will come back to Disney Springs and explore the area. I will then have dinner at the Boathouse and go see the Amphi car ride that is near the Boathouse restaurant.  

I am interested in going to check out the following stores:  The Art of Disney, Disney’s Candy Store,  Lefty’s, Pandora, Star Wars Store, World of Disney.  For a late night snack at Disney Springs go over to Giardelli’s for an ice cream sundae. 

Monday – Day 2 — Magic Kingdom  

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Go to the park early and have breakfast at Wave Buffet  ( $23 each) or Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort. Then go over to MK and to  Main Street while waiting for the welcome show at 9 am. As you go down Main Street these are the things I like to go to.

Main Street

  • Check out some of the stores on Main street including the candy and clothing stores.
  • Casey’s Corner is a great stop for a photo op if you are not a hot dog person like me.
  • Ride the train if you so desire I love the train myself.


  • Speedway –  is a must do ride here in Tomorrowland.
  • People mover- would be nice to go on here if the line is not too long.
  • Buzz Light year is another fun favorite of mine.

Then I would go off to Fantasy Land. The following are the rides I love!


  • Prince Charming Carrousel  — Must do favorite
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train  — must do
  • Tale with Belle  
  • It’s a Small World   
  • Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Winnie the Pooh

By this time it should be about 1-2 pm.  Now I would go to lunch at around 2pm. I would have lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant.    Then I would go back to the hotel and relax and maybe go to the pool or rest in the room before going back to the park.

I would then go back to the Magic Kingdom for the flag retreat which is usually at 5pm. I then would go over to Adventureland.

Adventure land – These are the rides I would go to in this part of the park.

  • Jungle cruise
  • Aladdin
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

Frontier-land – These are my go-to rides 

  • Thunder Mountain Railroad  – must do ride
  • Peter Pan Ride – must do ride 
  • Splash Mountain 
  • Tom Sawyer Island

Liberty Square  – is a nice area to hang out in and these are my favs.

  • Hall of the presidents 
  • Haunted Mansion – must do 
  • Liberty Square Riverboat   

At 6:30pm or so we would stop for dinner at Columbia Harbour House for a lite bite to eat. I have never watched fireworks from the Polynesian but I think on this trip I will watch the fireworks from the Poly.

Tuesday –  Day 3  – Epcot

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I will have breakfast at Kona Cafe at  8 am at the Polynesian.  I will spend the morning in front of the park.

  • Spaceship Earth 
  • Soaring- ride  …. get a fast pass 
  • Test Track  
  • Living with the land in  Future World boat ride – my fav
  • Future World at Seas with Nemo and Friends.

I would try to ride as many of these rides before heading to the back of the park at 11am. I would then start with Canada and walk around the back of the park. This is how I would attack the back of the park.

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Canada to the far right of the entrance. The movie here is uplifting (O Canada) and entertaining.  

The United Kingdom is a good place for street shows, and people-watching. Great place to eat Rose and Crown Dining for late lunch. ( $25 each for entrees)  and they have the famous fish and chips among other things or you can go to the quick take out place. I would eat lunch around 2pm at Rose and Crown.  Look for Mary Poppin, Alice in Wonderland. Also, they have a British Rock Band which might be neat to listen to. 

Then on to France where there is a captivating film and also nice gardens to explore.  In France you will find a cart here called Vins de France Orange Slushie Cocktail. Yum. A wonderful pastry shop  Les Halles;  Also breakfast sandwich here for lunch or breakfast. ( $7 to $9) They also have a baguette sandwich which is so European.


Japan Pavillion has a huge department store which I just love to go through and you will like it too!!

U.S.A. — The American Adventure is a patriotic triumph of audio-animated characters. This is a large theater, so waits are rarely long.  Also, the American Heritage Gallery would be nice to look through.

Italy and St. Mark’s Square, which comes complete with a 105-foot bell tower is a site to see if you have never been. Then this is where I would have a lite dinner at Via Napoli Pizzeria here ( $20 to $30 for entrees or pizzas for around $22-25) around 6:30pm. Sit down but you can have a pizza or other Italian specialties. Also, you can get Gelati here but this is a great spot to have a lite dinner.

Germany is next and don’t miss the model railway and the Bavarian-looking shops.

China:  Film about China is a must see. Not sure what else I would see here but it’s nice just to walk around.

Norway features the Frozen Ever After ride- this is a ride that I would get a FastPass. 

Mexico completes the World Showcase semicircle with a boat ride through the country that features a new animated element including Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros called the Gran Fiesta Tour. This is a nice ride to end the night with. 

I then would find a spot to see the Illuminations ….. Somewhere around the lagoon.

Weds –  Day 4 –  ANIMAL KINGDOM 

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I would start my day with Breakfast at Roaring Fork at Wilderness Lodge and then go on tour at the Wilderness Lodge at 8am.

Discovery Island

  • Bugs Life and Tree of life – is a must have for me 
  • Find out where to meet Flick the Bug I would like to get a photo op with this character.

Dinoland USA – is a fun place to walk around and these are the two rides I would make sure to go on.

  • Dinosaur 
  • Finding Nemo show 

Asia- is a nice little area and these are my two fav rides to go on.

  • Expeditions Everest – fav ride 
  • Kali River Rapids  – fav ride

I would eat lunch at around 2pm at Santu’li Canteen.  After lunch, I would head back to the hotel for a little rest and then come back to the Animal Kingdom around  5pm.

When I get back I would go to Africa- These are the things I would do there–

  • Kilimanjaro Safari if you go before it gets too hot you will see more animals.
  • Festival of Lion King – must do 
  • Tamu Tamu Refreshments Harambe where you can get Dole whip rum drinks. This is a drink I would like to try.

The World of Avatar would be my next spot to tour.


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  • Navi River Journey – is a not to miss for me and I would probably get a fast pass.
  • Valley of Molara 
  • Flight of Passage 

I would also like to try the Night Blossom drink at Pandora.

I would then have a lite bite to eat at Yak and Yeti quick service or sit down dinner.

Thursday  –  Day 5 – Hollywood Studios

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Breakfast at  Grand Floridian(MK)  either at 1900 Park Avenue or the Grand Floridian Cafe. Not sure which one I would go to but I like both locations for breakfast. 

As I enter the park I would first go to ——

One of my favorite spots in Toy Story Land the decor is just so spot on I think. Not much shade but here they have Slinky Dog ride which is a must ride for me along with the Alien Ride.

  • Star Tours  film about it and exhibits
  • Path of the Jedi- 10-minute film and the evolution of the Jedi.
  • Star Wars a Galaxy Far, far away- clips of all films
  • I would also want to check out the Tatooine Traders Store.

50’s Prime Time Cafe for late lunch at 2pm – then I would go the following —-

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Frozen Sing a Long

I would spend some more time walking the park and looking for some other neat places that I don’t normally go to.

At about 6:30pm I would go to Woody’s Lunch Box for a late dinner. Also, the Star Wars Fireworks is something I would love to see!

Friday  —  Day 6 – Final Day – Magic Kingdom

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Get a lite breakfast either at the hotel or at Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom. Then go on any last minute rides before having to leave to go home.

This is the day I would splurge and have lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

This would be a perfect week for me at Walt Disney World. What are your favorite rides, restaurants or things to do in WDW? Please comment below and let me know.


Till next time……………………….. Ciao,