Going on a Disney Cruise is on my bucket list. I have never gone on one of their cruises but I have researched a lot and wish to share some of my findings with you!


My first tip is to go in May on their Bahamas cruise aboard the “Dream”.  Another thing I would do is choose a room with a navigator veranda. The cruise I would like to take is a 4-night cruise which includes stops in Nassau, Bahamas, and Castaway Island. As far as the dinner service I would take the later one which is around 8 pm. The dinner service is at 6 pm and  8 pm usually.

This would be my basic itinerary:

Day 1: Embankment Day

  • The first event I would attend would be the Embankment Party. Depending on how you feel about this it could be fun for your group on the cruise.
  • Cabanas would be my choice for Lunch




I would have a relaxing afternoon around the pool and things like that exploring the ship.  I would then go for a cocktail prior to the evening show at …..

  • Skyline Lounge


After a few drinks, I would go to the evening show as I would eat at the 8pm time.

After the show, I would make my way over to the Animated Palate at Dinnertime.

Day 2:  Nassau

  • Cabanas for breakfast
  • Go into Nassau and see the Atlantis Hotel – I would explore the hotel and check out the resort. It sounds like a fun thing to do. I would have dinner at the hotel if I had time.


  • Dinner at Enchanted Gardens – I would love to have dinner here if possible. This trip for me would be all about relaxing and not worrying about anything. Rest and relaxation would be on my mind.



Day 3: Castaway Day

  • Cabanas for Breakfast — That would be my first choice if possible.
  • Go to Castaway Beach the adult-only side to enjoy myself on the island.  The island seems like a great place to go biking or sunbathing. 
  • Lunch on the beach — usually they have a barbeque.
  • Show –  If they are showing Beauty and the Beast this is a must-do if they have this show available.
  • Dinner –  I would go to Enchanted Gardens if this is an option.

Day 4

  • Cabanas Breakfast is always a good option for their breakfast buffet.
  • Pool Time / Aqua dunk  — This would be a good time to just hang out by the pool.
  • Dinner –  I would go to Palo restaurant. This is an additional charge but I have heard is well work the extra money.
  • Fireworks – They usually end the cruise with some fireworks which is always a winner.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? These are some of the must do’s for me if I went on a Disney Cruise. I am always open to new ideas when on vacation. Please share and indicate in the comment section below your ideas? Follow me on social media and comment.   I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa