I would start my journey’s here in England at the beginning of June. I would start in London then to Brighton by the seashore. I plan on staying a week in each area.  I have never been to London and it has always been on my bucket list. These are the places in London I would visit:

  • Abbey Road Crossing in North London– As a Beatle fan I would just love to visit this historic Beatle place.

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  • Buckingham Palace — Such an elegant site, this would be a place not to visit.

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  • Westminster Abbey — a great place to go to and go to a mass here.

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  • Big Ben  — Definitely a must-do!

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  • Tower Bridge

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  • British Museum

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Five Foods I want to try while in England:  Pasty, a Full English Breakfast, Cream Tea, Fish and Chips, and Shepherds Pie.

After spending a week in London I would make my way by train to Brighton by the sea. I love the seashore ad it seems like a nice place to visit.

  • Brighton by the Seashore

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In Brighton, I would stay at the Blanch House which is near all of the sites including the beach you want to see. These are the things I would like to do in Brighton:  Walking tour, world Pavillion, Going to the Pier, The LanBritish Airways Observation Tour.  I would go to some of these restaurants: Block for Lunch, Bill’s Restaurant for Dinner and Regency Restaurant for Dinner. These all are things I want to see in Brighton so I think a week’s time is perfect to see all these things.


These are some of my places to go and things to see in England. What are your favorites to go visit?  Please comment below and let me know

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Until next time …….. Ciao Lisa