Coaching ASD Adults


Life Coach for ASD Adults

I am offering one to one services as a life coach. I offer phone, skype or in-person sessions.

I can offer many services but these are the ones I specialize in with adults on the autistic spectrum:

  1. Social Safety
  2. Time Management
  3. How to make and keep friends
  4. Giving and receiving compliments
  5. Finding a job
  6. Greetings
  7. Life Skills – Cooking, Cleaning and budgeting
  8. Social expectations
  9.  Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  10. Greetings and Goodbyes
  11. Conversational Manners

These are just 11 of the things I can work on but this is an individualized program. I will work on anything the client wants to improve. We discuss the problems and think of things to work on, it’s more of a collaboration.

My experience is both personal and professional. I have a son who is on the spectrum who has Aspergers, he is 26 years old and lives on his own. I have gone through everything with him and we have found unique ways to learn the skills he needs to live on his own.

I also have professional experience as a TSS in the school system. I have worked with ASD and Cognitively Delayed students for many years. I feel that as these students become adults someone has to teach them the skills that they need to live and succeed in society. As these students graduate and become adults the supports are very few and far between. This is why I have decided to offer my services, I want to give back to those who need it!

Please contact me asap …. I want to help your child or family member succeed! Go to my Contact page and send me a message or email me at, so I can start helping your loved one.